Thursday, April 22, 2010

Whatever Works

After lunch before heading back to work today I lay out on the hammock and rocked, staring out over the lake where the waves were CRASHING green, and blew bubbles, which is my new THING TO DO, ever since I found some for sale in Kinshasa.

For the second day in a row I saw these two birds flying together, a big brown hawk or kite or something and a little black and white crow, flying in tandem, no question, circling on the same winds, funny friends.

The bubbles spun rainbowy up to the sky and then I had to leave the lake and grab my bags and walk to the office and inside, up the stairs and sit, sit, sit at the computer for the rest of the day until the sun set and I could come home.


Our friend was at a meeting today where disenchanted (manipulated) youths were saying shitty things about NGOs in the region and how they are greedy and stingy and they don’t fund projects that are needed needed needed.

After the youths spoke, the local Head of the Assembly stood up. He said that he himself had tried to meet with the Vice President of Canada (who was in Goma this week) about projects that are needed needed needed in his area. But! She had NO TIME for him. Because! She had to hurry hurry hurry to go to the hospital to meet with woman survivors of rape. And that (said the Head) is where all the money goes, to GBV, it all goes to women.

So then the Head paused and frowned. He looked out over his audience. He said, “You are all MEN, you youths who are complaining. For heaven’s sake, stop raping the women! When there is no more rape, then the NGOs will put money back into Wat/San projects and we can build bridges, latrines, and wells. But! As long as you keep raping the women, they will get all the money. So cut it out.”


Whatever works, I guess.

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mary said...

Wow - this is an inside glimpse - thanks for the play by play - I felt like a fly on the wall.