Monday, April 26, 2010

This Orphanage in Goma.

I, I, I (this is my blog after all) have been going back and forth all day about posting these photos that I have. I, I, I don’t want to be one of those assholes who travels (TRAVELS!) to Africa (AFRICA!) in order to post photos of little barefoot boys on her blog.

When I, I, I first moved here to Goma, I had no idea what it would be like. (That’s not quite true. I had tons of ideas. They were mostly wrong.) So I (I, I) try on this blog (herein) to explain/document my (my, my) life here.

And part of my life in my neighbors.

And these boys are so lovely. They’ve really gotten the shit end of the stick in a lot of ways. They are not all orphans. Some have a dad or a mom who feels like s/he is too poor to take care of them properly. Some are orphans or demobilized youth. I’ve talked to quite a few of them but not that in depth. Mainly we’ve played together. Like, cartwheels and air-boxing and making funny faces at my camera.

I really, really, really want to post the photos so that I can show you (you, you) how beautiful they are, because I really swear they are beautiful, these little and big boys.

But I just can’t wrap my head around the ethics. Like, between me, me, me, and you, you, you, where do THEY fit in...?

(This man is eighteen. He used to live at the center when he was a kid.)


s said...

display of poverty always gets attention.somehow people are more obsessed with portrayal of misery and povery associated with all poor countries.but there are good things is a package.if one has something less god makes it up somewhere else.The country is coming out of years of misery and i am sure will prosper soon

Rachel said...

Thanks, S. Your sunny view makes me remember my favorite youtube video:

No matter what you think of Winston Churchill, this speech is always makes me feel happier.

Rachel said...

Wait, here's another one (NOT Churchill, so...) and even more beautiful:

s said...

can you tell me how to go to volcano,i have been trying but not successful so far.

Rachel said...

Hey S! you go to the ICCN -- I'm not sure how to explain where it is, but it's not far from our end of town (I'm guessing on where you live...)

Or call

Vianney Harakandi

or email

tourism (at) gorilla (dot) cd
jmvianneyh (at) yahoo (dot) com