Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Violet Kir

Last night we sat out on the porch of M’s apartment and drank white wine with violet kir.

(I had never heard of this before. It is my new favorite drink ever.)

We talked about advocacy and badvocacy and debated The Kristof. We ate sharp French cheeses from France and dark chocolate with candied orange peel. There was light rain in the breeze and we got a bit misted but didn’t move inside.

(I was the harshest critic of The Kristof which always seems to be the case but what are you gonna do. The others made some good points, too.)

We talked about journalism and Big Important Letters about Policy Recommendations. It was pleasant. It was all quite interesting and nice.

And we heard acapella singing from a street along the way and we smelled the violets in the wine.

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