Friday, April 30, 2010


Listened in on the One Million Tee-Shirt Drama conference call. Joined late because our generator is broken and we have no city-power.

It does make me happy to hear so many people from diverse backgrounds being so passionate.

Do you know what I think Jason should do? I think he should drop this whole tee shirt thing (…obviously) and instead use all his marketing expertise to disseminate whatever lessons he actually has learned about aid in the last week to the general public, so the next time someone decides to do a similar Bad Aid project… um… they don’t. Or they pause and think first, at least. Or they ask questions.

It is funny to hear voices of all those people whose writings I have read. I wonder if in the future I’ll hear their voices in my head narrating as I read their writing!


Rose said...

I thought about listening in just to hear everyone's voices (well... and for the content), but i'm at my crummy job that would catch me calling non-local places.

Rachel said...

That's the glory of Skype... :o)

... and of Congolese public holidays. We got the day off for "May Day"! So I was able to just curl up on the couch with no bosses to bother me...