Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maybe, Probably

Maybe I will go see the gorillas this weekend. I hope it doesn't hail on me in the jungle again.

Maybe I will go to the beach in Rwanda.

Next Tuesday, probably (pending ticket acquisition) I will go to Kinshasa for the first time ever. Of the expatriates I know who have been there, 95% hate-hate-hate it and 5% love-love-love it and there is NO in-between. There are no expatriate lukewarm feelings about Kinshasa that I have ever heard. I can't wait to make my own judgment.

It is raining now. For a couple of days after the volcano, whenever we heard rain smacking the earth, my volcano-hiking friends and I got all twitchy with rain-PTSD. But now. We're healing. Pole-pole. It gets better. I'm kind of enjoying the sound of the rain right now, although only a little bit.

Last night was weekly drinks on the terrace. Fresh squeezed strawberry juice, mojitos, rum. Starlight swimmers splashing in the lake.


texasinafrica said...

File me in the "hate" column. In general, I find that expats who love Goma seem to hate Kinshasa, and vice-versa.

Be sure that all of your luggage is within reach of your seat, put a lock on it, and pretend you don't understand a word of French when they start going through your bags at Ndjili. I've gotten through without paying a single bribe, but it's not easy. Good luck.

Rachel said...

Hi Texas, thanks for the tips! Ah, I'm so excited. I pushed and pushed till I got this trip. Mainly, I just want to fly on those little airplanes up over the lake and the volcanoes and the chukadus here. I don't care if my destination is Kinshasa or anywhere else. I'm excited for the FLIGHT!