Friday, April 16, 2010


I’m on a super-turbulent MONUC flight cross-country, Kinshasa to Goma via Kisangani. Bounce! Bounce. Bouncity BOUNCE, bounce. Bounce!!! I would pay someone a lot of money to show up at my side right now with a PEOPLE magazine or an OK! or an IN STYLE. What IS happening to random pop culture chicks & dudes in the States, anyway??? Ergh.

And so, also: I’ve agreed to stay here in-country for another month. Four-and-change more weeks. To work on one specific Big Health Proposal. Why? Oh, why.

1. They want me to stay. That’s never not nice. And
2. I care about the programs. And
3. The lake! And living beside it! And
4. My boss, I heart her, she’s a strong manager and kind. And
5. I heart my friends. And
6. I enjoy working. I don’t enjoy not working. (Even if either way, I’m not getting paid.)

I will be missing the May Market at home in Pittsburgh, which I was dreaming about. It feels like I haven’t been to a May Market since I was a kid, with lemons&peppermintsticks, and grilled mushroom sandwiches and flowersflowersflowers. But. But, okay. By staying here, I will be STAYING in the GAME. There will be more May Markets. But there probably won’t be more Big Health Proposals in Congo.

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