Thursday, April 29, 2010

Surefire Cure for Depression/Anxiety in Four Simple Steps:

(1) Find Primus beer fabric (not the one with the half-naked bartenders – the one with the brilliant bold colors and foaming mugs). Draw a picture of a sun dress with thin straps, a princess neckline, and ruffles. Take the fabric and the drawing to Mama Esther. Pick up your new dress a day later.

(2) Grab a car and driver and ride to the outdoor veggie market. When the road is crowded and you hesitate shyly with your hand on the door (normally you would leap right out but it has been a long week!) let your driver in his brown cowboy hat smile kindly and offer to accompany you. Buy lettuce and crisp green apples with your friend at your elbow, watching your back.

(3) Roast walnuts in the toaster oven with butter and brown sugar. Rinse the lettuce, the water flowing smoothly from the tap (oh how wonderful it is to have water from a tap!), warming your fingers. Toss up a salad with blue cheese and apples and candied nuts.

(4) Pull on the dress. Grab the salad. Go have too much wine with girlfriends.


texasinafrica said...

Did you just insult my skirt made from the Primus fabric with the scantily clad ladies on it?

I think you did. :P

Rachel said...

Oh, heart heart heart.

When are you coming here? It's soon, I know, but I hope it's in the next few weeks???

mary said...

Thanks tons for your creative and honest posts. We are early in the process of adopting from the DRC and are headlong into country reserach - wanting to go about all this in the most sensitve and development-minded way - i.e. we are making a life-long commitment to learning from the people of the DRC, starting with all our refugee friends here in Clarkston, GA, and hoping to be a small part of brightening the many lights already shining there. Thanks for sharing your light with us and all the lights you're encountering.