Monday, April 12, 2010


So at the museum yesterday I saw Henry Morton Stanley’s old boat. And Stanley used this boat to go up the Congo River. And so I was thinking, “Maybe I too could use this boat to go up the Congo River!” After all, I have climbed an active volcano. I have trekked into the jungle to track gorillas. I know where the boat is kept. And I want to get home to Goma.

UNHAS is having fun canceling all my flights back east. I like my Kinshasa colleagues and there is a pool, but I love my Goma colleagues and there is the lake. And I have so little time left here. (Maybe possibly who knows.) And Kinshasa is hot and the traffic is something out of Dante’s first circle of hell.

Oh I miss the sound of the waves.


texasinafrica said...

You could always fly commercial. It's only slightly less dangerous than taking a river barge. :)

Rachel said...

HAHA well, yes, except that I'm not allowed by my security rules. (But there is no rule that SPECIFICALLY prevents me from stealing Stanley's boat.) I'm now hoping MONUC will give me a lift on Wednesday. I think I will go to the airport, stand on the runway, and stick out my thumb.

Rachel said...