Monday, March 1, 2010


A lovely friend who I know from DC is here in EASTERN CONGO for the week on work.

It is so trippy to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar context.

We had dinner last night. We gossiped about all you guys yes you our mutual friends back home.

She’s here for five nights and I’m torn between taking her out to see all the lovely restaurants and bars overlooking the lake with fresh-squeezed-strawberry-rum-drinks – or searching out dirtier places so she reports back to my friends that I’m SUPER HARD CORE living here as I do in EASTERN CONGO.


I have been here in EASTERN CONGO for four months already. This means that I have two months left on my non-contract major iNGO volunteership handshake.

I am starting to think about maybe thinking about the future.


texasinafrica said...

Does that mean you'll be gone by the time I get there in late May? Darn it.

Rachel said...

Oh that's such a bummer! I will be here through late April. I would've loved to have met you!

Oh well, maybe they'll keep me... who knows! :o)