Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday I went shoe shopping for the perfect heels to wear to parties and last night my friend J and I fought it out about whether to go to THIS party on the lake front or THAT party on the lake front and then I went to a party and I danced on the lake front.

Today my lovely friend A came to my house and she cut my hair for me, it really needed it, and I sat on a table on our terrace while she snip-snipped split ends and I soaked up vitamin-D and I watched the sky over Lake Kivu and how it changes colors constantly almost like what I imagine Aurora Borealis must be like only all pinks and yellows and in daylight with the lake all green and blue and brown beneath it.

Then we lay in lounge chairs weaved together from natural fibers from across the border in Rwanda and we read magazines, I read about Oprah and A read about Health Ledger, and for a second I had to remind myself that I wasn’t on holiday somewhere – that this is my home and my daily life. And that outside my gates there is a war, a war, a war.

And what does my existence here mean to that war?

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