Friday, March 19, 2010


Just now I began to type something light and pretty about the rain, something pretty and light like a dandelion seed, about the rain, and how sweet and soft it is today, and how the lake is green and navy blue, and the sky is gray.

Then I got distracted and did some work and checked my mail and clicked on my bloglines account and read this.

This morning there was a teenage girl sleeping on the grass in front of our razor-wired gates. Our guards smiled and waved off our concerns: “She’s just a maibobo* resting.”

My friend JH turned 24 years old so there is a birthday party for him tonight at the dance club Coco Jambos: Pizza & wine.

Yesterday my dear colleague who works on GBV issues was trying to figure out which statistic about the number of women & girls raped in the last year in North Kivu is the most accurate because they all seem rather off and anyway in this context of insecurity and displacement and returns, how could anyone ever know?! We joked about it hahaha stupid statistic makers.

Walking home for lunch today I got wet in the sweet cool rain and so I exchanged my flip flops for striped wool knee socks & tennies and I pulled on my sweater with the sea turtle on the front. How cozy I am now!

how terribly terribly cozy

*Street kid

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