Sunday, March 14, 2010


On Thursday (before Friday’s pseudo-non-evacuation) we traveled North from Kiwanja up to Shinda in Rutshuru Territory.

In Shinda most of the houses look like this:

and like this:

You might see these houses and you might feel pity for the people who live inside them because the houses are small and because they must be dark inside and because they are made of dirt.

Poverty doesn’t mean a lack of individuality. It doesn’t mean you have nothing. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your home.

Proof of this: Look closer at the houses in Shinda and you see: Dirt walls, yes. Metal roofs, yes. But the doors.

No two doors are the same.


Emin Pasha said...

That's really lovely. You should make a poster out of that door montage. I'd buy it.

Rachel said...

That's really sweet. Thanks!!! The doors in person are even more awesome. :o)

Anonymous said...


s said...

you have a flair for writing. develop it more and write some book on your stay and experiences in congo

Rachel said...

Thank you, S!!! :o)