Thursday, June 3, 2010

And neighbors

Two nights ago I was sprawled on my bed watching “30 Rock” waiting for friends to get their eyeliner on straight for after-work cocktails at Doga when I heard this

chirp scra-aaa-atch

gurgle chi-ii-irrup

sound which just kept repeating until finally I got up to check and there was a little tiny baby

in my room.

Lake Kivu has crabs swimming around in it. Who knew.


s said...

there are plenty in the fact where I stay there is a natural bath tub 15X15 ft.and lot of crabs float in are u internet frd.about to go back home a month to go or may be a little more.

Rachel said...

Hi S! I only have about 3 weeks left here... but I am really hoping/trying to find a position here so I can stay longer.

We should meet up for coffee before I leave -- I'd like to put a face to the initial! :o)

s said...

sure rachel,it wud be a great pleasure to meet some one with such fine prowess in writing.I was planning to throw a party this Sunday.Pl let me know if you can make it.Or else u decide time and venue

Rachel said...

I'm not sure if I'll be in town Sunday or not -- but if I am, that would be great! If not, coffee at Nyira sometime? Here's my e-mail:



s said...

we dont go out much so pl educate me where is nyira?

Rachel said...

Nyira is next to Soleil, behind & around the corner from Doga. It's a very nice little coffee shop with yummy cappuccinos!!!

s said...

did u get the mail?

Rachel said...

Yes yes! :) Sorry I've been out. I'll write you back first thing tomorrow and we'll plan.