Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to Break into "The Business"

This is the career advice people have given me recently:

  1. Do ANYTHING to stay in Eastern Congo right now – even taking a very low paid position. You know this context. And being in “the field”, especially in a singular place, for a protracted period of time, will look great on your resume. Don’t get stuck at home.
  2. Do NOT take another low paid or volunteer position. Go home. Stay and hold out for something great, something that will look better on your resume.
  3. Go to an English speaking country – even if you don’t know the context. Get a job there and become really adept at it, and then, with confidence and resume built up, you can come back to a French speaking country.
  4. Learn even more French. Become a fluent writer in French. Nothing will be better for your resume.
  5. Stay with the organization you are with now. Institutional knowledge etc. Resume.
  6. Get experience with a UN agency. Build a well-rounded resume. Here’s an easy way into the biz – become a UNV.
  7. Do anything you want, but do NOT be a UNV. You’ll get burnt out and you’ll never actually get hired because everyone will still view you as a “volunteer”.

I mean, good heavens! Damn!

Next question: What do me myself I want?

      A.  I want to stay here.
      B.  AND and and and I want to stay with this organization.

Deep down I’m a homebody who craves consistency.

I might be able to work out one or the other of those things, if I keep pestering people – but I can’t get both.


s said...

are u keen for unv?

Rachel said...

UNV: If I could find a position related to my experiences and skills, where I would be useful, and especially if I could stay in the Kivus, then yes.

Thanks again for dinner yesterday! C, H, and I had so much fun. Your photos are amazing!

s said...

send ur resume asap on mail