Monday, May 10, 2010


So this past week I got to enjoying Twitter, seeing how people there said tons of super-nice things to me. But now today all day I’ve been traveling. Since my $5 company Nokia phone does not allow Tweets-on-the-move, here’s a Twit-down of my morning:

6:04 AM Love love love golden pink light of morning. The sun is getting out of bed: That’s the literal translation of “Sunrise” from French.

6:43 AM Happiness is: Eating cold pizza, drinking piping hot NesCafe, sitting on the floor of the L’bshi airport waiting for flight to Goma <3  

7:02 AM Um. Um. Um. Uh-oh. Hell. Damn it all to hell. Trapped in L’bashi airport toilet. 

7:03 AM Trapped. Trying to pry door open with piece of handle. Why to these things happen to me, only to me, and always to me?

7:12 AM Really, why?

7:16 AM Baaaanging on door.

7:24 AM Banged, kicked on door. Freed by team of MONUC soldiers.

7:30 AM New MONUC slogan? “Always ready to rescue trapped ex-pats when the toilet door handle snaps off in their hands.” (How can Kabila kick them out now?!)

8:02 AM Love love love the cutting lose from gravity feel of take off. Glad I made it on the plane.

10:23 AM Kalemie is all green water and brown land from the sky. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Hope to God I don’t get stuck here.

11:01 AM Wruuurrring engines, clunk of wheels withdrawing into body.  Love the cutting lose from life feel of flying.

12:39 AM Feeeeck, I think I’m on the wrong side of the airplane to see our house. Where is the Flight Attendant??

12:40 AM She’s not looking. Get low. Sneak over.

12:44 AM There is my house. My house from the air. It looks like a Christmas village, oh.

12:45 AM I wonder if A. and everyone at the office are hearing this airplane chugging along, are running to the balcony (like I do), are looking up at ME. 

1:00 PM Lunch by the still clear waters of the lake

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