Wednesday, May 5, 2010

- in Lubumbashi

After flights down the country today in Antonov aircrafts with carpeting on their walls and wheels beneath their wings and seats that sit facing backwards around tables like in a train, I arrived at this pristine shiny hotel in Lubumbashi with MODERN ART in the center of the lobby cordoned off behind velvet ropes. The private bathroom off my bedroom has soap that is so fancy that I thought it was candy. I had to sniff it to decide I shouldn’t eat it.

I am here for five days to meet with colleagues about a ~$10 million health proposal which I am taking the lead in writing. I am scooping up information from programs, finance, operations, etc.

I miss the lake and my friends in Goma sweet Goma but the proposal is getting more and more interesting the more and more I meet with more and more people about it. I’m nervous and enthralled and excited – ten million USD! Whoa.

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