Thursday, May 13, 2010


This morning I woke up to crickets crickets dead crickets everywhere and if there is one phobia that I have, it’s dead and dying bugs. Hated them as a child, hate them still now.

We are having another 8th plague of Egypt here in Goma, just like back in November/December.

The other night people were over CHEZ NOUS watching TV and one grasshopper swooped down and smacked me in the chest and I fell over and screamed like a child.

They are green and then as they commence dying they turn brown like autumn leaves. Watching the brown ones spin around is like envisioning in your mind's eye the curtain flapping at the end of Harry Potter book 5 – like being privy to a sight of the gateway between life and death. Oh my GOD they creep me out.

So when I woke up this morning with dead crickets carpeting my floor I knew I had to act and act fast to get rid of them before I succumbed to a total panic attack. I climbed the stairs three steps at a time and burst into the kitchen. There’s JB there, our chef, going over his list of ingredients for today’s lunchtime meal.

And a light-bulb flashes above my head.

“Oh, JB,” I say. “Have I got a great idea for an appetizer…!”

No more dead bugs anywhere in our house, now. They are all in our stomachs.

(Okay, okay, not my stomach for God’s sake. I’m a vegetarian.)

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