Friday, February 26, 2010

The Day Before Tomorrow

Things are looking up! At the 11th hour two of my dear good colleagues whose company I enjoy were snatched from the yawning jaw of unemployment and now get to stay here. Here with me. With me! So I am happy. I even got to tell one of them and when the other told me I screamed a bit and hugged her.

We had a fun staff dinner last night. We laughed & ate tasty food & drank red red wine on the stone terrace beneath the thatched roof overlooking the waves crashing into the lava rock, and sometimes we could feel the spray.

The chopped-up-poisoned-fish are still there still on the floor in front of my office door but I have a promise that after this weekend we can revisit the mice-disposal strategy that involves putting chopped-up-poisoned-fish in front of my office door. This is not the forward movement towards not having chopped-up-poisoned-fish in front of my office door that I may desire, but it is a guarantee of future dialogue, so, for now, I can accept that. Plus I made a big red sign warning the mice to stay away. And they seem to have. No dead mice and no little teeth marks in the poisoned fish.

My room, which yesterday morning had three inches of mud as a squishy ugly rug, after The Flood, is now sparkling clean. God bless our miracle-working colleagues who clean my room and make my bed and fix the pipes. My mosquito net is the only thing still damaged but I'll live.

Tomorrow is the weekend and I have gotten so much of my work done and the strangers living in my house are no longer so unknown and my friend J is in Kin for work flying to Goma on Monday and and and! It's a great little world we live in.


Sheree said...

There's no way the rats, or mice, will fall for the poison fish trick. They're too smart for that. That's why humans and rodents have coexisted for all time!

Rachel said...

Oh phew!!!! I hope not! Also they seem to be reading my note.

I had a dream last night that these sweet cats were rubbing our ankles in the office & then I stepped out of the office & I saw that all the poisoned fish were gone and I knew that the cats were all gonna die. It was awful!!!!!!!!!