Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shoe Mart

C & I went to the used-shoes market this morning.

It’s like any other market. Rough black lava floors, wooden skeleton, tarp and thatched roof. But then, it’s also not like any other market because it only sells shoes. Oh the shoes! So many many shoes. Tennis shoes, sandals, cowboy boots.

We went because C wanted black ballet flats to go with the green-and-black panya she is having made into a tunic.

We found (oh, the amazing things we found!) bright shiny blue heels for me and (oh my god, and!) green converse sneaker-stiletto hybrid high heels for C. Which she bought.

Why did she buy them?

Partially because of peer pressure (I told her she HAD to) and partially because they are so ugly it’s incredible.

But mainly because they are spectacular.

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