Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seriously?! Seriously. SERIOUSLY?!?!

After the distressing end of the disastrous Kimia II, FARDC is beginning a new UN-sponsered offense against the FDLR rebels.  Guess what it is called?  No, go on, guess.  You'll never get it!  Okay!  Had enough?  I'll tell you.

It is called "Amani Leo".  Don't know Swahili?  Let me translate that for you.  It means "Peace Today".

Can I retype that?

The new military offensive, replacing Kimia II, is named "Peace Today."

Who says the military doesn't have a sense of humor?  Or maybe I'm being too harsh... if the leaders of the FARDC caught Obama's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, they may be justifiably confused...