Friday, January 22, 2010

Hearts & Kisses!

Do you know what’s lovely? The amount of friends I have made so far just by writing down things I think on the internet. It’s not been creepy at all like internet friends stereotypically are. It’s never been bizarrely nasty like youtube comments. It’s fantastic. I obsess about some little detail I see around me – I write a mildly self-indulgent yet basically good-humored few paragraphs about it – and I get sweet encouraging e-mails from strangers who have stumbled upon my writings. Disagreements? Sure, we've had a few. (Huzzah for debate!) But no cruelty - no mean-spirited e-mails. Thank you for the milk of human kindness. Hello to you all out there! I like you.


Anonymous said...


D. Watson said...

Thanks. I like you too. You have a beautiful, moving writing style.

I came to development and Africa rather late compared to most developmentalists and one of the places where I feel it the most is the lack of this human touch. I spend my time in an office with statistics trying to get a handle on what's going on, but don't have access to the sunsets and lakes, the soldiers at the grocery store, or the sound of children's laughter. Completely at the mercy of second and third hand accounts, I appreciate yours.

Rachel said...

I hope you get to come out to visit places that you are writing statistics about sometimes -- but at any rate, thank you so much for being the person at home in the office with statistics so that I CAN be the person out here by the lake. I really appreciate you guys at HQ offices and all of your hard work that allows every one of the projects out here to run... THANKS!