Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Sunny Side of Swine Flu

One of my dear, favorite friends & I both live in DC for an average of about 6 months out of each year.  Unfortunately, it's usually the opposite six months.  She's been in Pakistan, Iraq, and Europe... I've been in Senegal, Uganda, Vermont, and The Gambia...  She came back from Lahore literally the night before I left for Kitgum.  Most years, we overlapped for several weeks at most.

She's just gotten back from Germany, and this time we're overlapping for about seven days.  Normally, she'd be working full time, so we'd barely get to hang out.  However, um... this time, she contracted H1N1.  Since she can barely breath, this means she has to stay home from her job.

And since my only job this week is waiting, for my visa, for my plane tickets, I have plenty of time to go don a flu mask and hang out with her in the lovely late-autumn warmth in her garden.  

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