Friday, July 16, 2010

If Wishes Were Dollars, I'd Be Rich

I used Skype – how blessed are we to live in the pocket of time-on-Earth that has given us Skype? – to call a friend back in Goma this morning. And then other friends were with her, so I got to talk to a handful of friends. Oh I love them.

But I wish I were there.

Tonight I am driving to DC, a city I love, to sleep on the futon of two old friends whose wedding I missed last year when I was living in Northern Uganda. Tomorrow morning I am going to see two other dear friends whose wedding I missed this spring when I was in Eastern Congo.

I wish I had trillions of dollars and a private jet and the ability to be everywhere at once.

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s said...

dont worry,dollars will come too and you may yearn for those worry free days.