Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Material Goods

I did not pack correctly for Goma. I packed for a warmer clime and I packed for not realizing other people would wash, dry, and iron my laundry for me (something I should have realized). As a result I’ve been stuck in stupid long flowing skirts all week instead of hipper clothes with sharper lines.

Things that I packed that were good: A penguin doll that my aunt knit for me. A small pillow that I’ve slept with since I was born. Penguin posters to decorate my room. My own fluffy white towel (now missing). Three dozen novels. Red close-toed shoes. A 72-ounce bag of Nestle chocolate chips. A palm-sized hammer/knife/saw/scissors contraption. Two containers of freeze-dried strawberries. My Canon Rebel XS camera. With a fish-eye lens extension.


There are a lot of questions right now about the future of MONUC.