Saturday, November 21, 2009


JB, our cook, has spent the morning chasing grasshoppers around our compound, capturing them, and sticking them into a plastic baggie to fry up later.

I’m okay with spiders. I’m okay with snakes. Frogs are my friends. Rats? No problem here. Bugs? We’re good. Scorpions? Okay! But with all these, the big caveat being: As long as they are alive. I cannot STAND dead things.

JB has been shaking his plastic bag of dying grasshoppers at me all morning. It’s terrifying.

(But at the same time, it’s nice to be teased. As if I belong!)


To thank B for all his help navigating the Black Market, I gave him three of the American chocolate chip cookies that I baked last night. I don’t know if he liked them, but I hope so.


My RRM housemates cooked a four-course dinner this evening. And then? And then they offered to share. There are some very wonderful perks to communal living.