Monday, November 9, 2009

Back in the Office

French enters my ears but it doesn’t enter my brain. Like there is a curtain between my ears and my brain that I can’t shove aside. Yesterday morning I woke up with a fever. I think it is on account of the French. I think I am allergic to French. Vraiment.

I am. Absolutely. Not. Allowed. To get sick. I have so. Much. To learn. French. Grants. Budgets. Making friends. There is way. Too much. To do. Fuuuuuck.


It never gets tiring watching the little airplanes take off and land over the city. Many do – perhaps two an hour, even. HOW do they stay UP in the AIR?!?! They are so small & so heavy. It’s fascinating. I can see them from my porch/office. (My office is on a porch.)